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In case you haven’t heard of it yet, we’ve been greenlit on Steam. We’re very happy about this, and we appreciate the help of everyone who contributed to this success. Perpetuum’s Greenlight page can be reached here, there are already a few discussions running, and you can still leave a comment if you like.


Now it’s only a matter of making the necessary technical and financial arrangements (which are no easier tasks, mind you). We’ll keep you posted, and if there is any update on when Perpetuum will be available on Steam, you’ll be the first to know.


2nd Anniversary

Perpetuum is officially 2 years old, and we’re celebrating again with some fun events.

Those who missed it last year will have the opportunity to unlock a “golden” anniversary spark, and our veterans will have a chance to further extend their spark collection. The treasure hunt event is also back this year, but with a twist. Search for special artifacts containing “Guardian commander” distress beacons, and defeat the beacon’s spawn for a chance to earn valuable loot!

Sunday evening at 21:00 CET we invite you to the Perpetuum Anniversary Quiz Show, where you can also snatch some shiny loot, if you know the right answers.

You can read more details about these events on our blog!

The Anniversary Weekend starts this Friday, on the 30th of November, and ends on the 4th of December - so make sure your weekend is free!



You asked for it - we made it happen. The Integration Cycle Extender - or ICE in short - is an ingame, tradeable, consumable item that grants 30 days of game time to the account that it's consumed on.

Our players can now purchase ICE items from the Perpetuum website and sell them in-game to others. This essentially gives you the possibility to play Perpetuum for free by acquiring game-time from others in the game.

You can read more about ICE in the patch notes!


The temporary account reactivation option will revive an expired Perpetuum account for 24 hours, completely free of charge. Use that time to buy ICE, manage roles of dead corporations, check out new game features, or whatever else you can think of. Obviously we still have to pay our rent, so you can only do this once every 30 days.

You can read more about this on our blog, or go right ahead and reactivate your expired account!


You can now jump around Nia faster than ever, using the new Spark Teleport system! This technology only allows the transfer of sparks, so no robots or other equipment can be brought along, but you can easily use it for remote asset management, or continue your operations from the destination terminal if you have a robot in store there.

The private transport assignment system is also a new feature, where you can have your items transported to a different terminal by fellow Agents. Of course if you are on the other end of logistics, these player-issued tasks can be a nice income for your transportation business.

Read more about spark teleportation here, and about the private transport assignment system here.

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