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Hello Agent,

Summer sale is on!

It's that time of the year again, the Steam Summer Sale in in progress and this time we offer you a whopping 50% off on Perpetuum and all in-game items until June 22, both on Steam and on our website; a great opportunity to buy several copies of the game and thousands of credits to various members of your family, your pets, your dentist, your high school crush, your lawyer, your probation officer and Dave the Guy from Grocery Store on The Corner.

Perpetuum 3.6 released

It's been a long and bumpy road, but we're finally there. Our long-awaited random assignment system has been released in patch 3.6, along with a healthy number of general updates and fixes.

Just a quick overview on the contents of this patch:

  • Random assignments - different every time you request a new one.
  • Assignments in squads - every squad member can now contribute to to every objective, true cooperation is now possible.
  • Field terminals - They provide secure storage, robot equipment services, and assignments while out on the field.
  • Return teleport - Optional teleport service that will return you to the terminal of your choice after a completed assignment.
  • Reworked teleport and highway networks - Uninterrupted highway routes between terminals and teleports, more convenient teleport connections.

For all the new features and fixes, check out the full patch notes here.

Hope to see you in-game!

The Perpetuum Team

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