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Gamma islands are back

Back in April we have removed Gamma islands from the game with the goal of reworking a number of mechanics and to create a better gamma experience for everyone.

Work on this has been finally finished, and players have already begun building their own colonies. You can read more about the new gamma mechanics here.

Steam Early Access is over

We have ended our Early Access phase and "launched" officially on Steam on the 17th of October.

The quotation marks are not incidental as you probably all know that we've had our official launch a few years ago and this EA phase was only to warn new players about possible issues while we were making the transition to Steam and our new servers. Now that this was done and everything is stable, it was time to leave that tag behind.

Of course this won’t really change much from a development perspective, we’re continuing on the road we have laid out and keep improving the game.

Servers moved to Amsterdam

Earlier this year we have moved our servers from Budapest to a big datacenter in Amsterdam. Since then, players have reported a significant improvement in lag and disconnection problems.

More to read...

If you would like to know more about what has happened in the recent months, and what we are planning for the future of Perpetuum, our recent development blogs will fill you in nicely:

May status report

September status report

October status report

The Perpetuum Team

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