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Hello, Agent!

It's the end of subscriptions

We’re excited to announce that in preparation of the upcoming Steam launch, on April the 2nd Perpetuum will be changing its payment model. The subscription model will be dropped in favor of a single purchase of 28.99 USD/EUR, and augmented with optional in-game purchases of previously unavailable services and cosmetic upgrades.

Free Copies to Veterans - See if You’re Eligible!

On April the 2nd, any Perpetuum account that has had at least 3 months of active game time (ever) will be reactivated and converted to a lifetime account.

If your account only has 1 or 2 months of active game time on it, you have until April the 2nd to get the missing months, otherwise you'll need to purchase the game at full price later. We’ve set up an eligibility check on the Perpetuum website so you can see if your account will be converted or not.

See all the details about this and more on our devblog.

We've been busy with stuff

It’s been a long road to this point because we had to make sure that we can provide the best experience for the potentially massive number of new players that being Greenlit on Steam means. We have a brand new techtree-based research system, a completely revamped assignment system, and most importantly, a vastly improved new player experience that is lightyears ahead of the old tutorial.

The exact date of our Steam launch will be announced along with the patch on April 2.

These are exciting times for Perpetuum - we look forward to welcome back old veterans and meet a lot of new players. See you in-game!

The Perpetuum Team

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