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SPARKS and Extensions REVAMP

We have come to the conclusion that attributes in the long term create unneeded annoyances and limitations, so we have decided to remove them from the game. To compensate for the loss of attribute bonuses, we also reduced the base EP cost of extensions, and the recalculation this requires also means giving back everybody some extra EP (yeah!). Spend it wisely, because maxing out all extensions still takes around 16 years!

All of this means character creation is easier and faster, and new players also get the chance to downgrade their extensions freely during their first 30 days, and get back any EP and NIC they spent with a few limitations to prevent misuse. The account reset feature is gone as well since it is no longer needed.


Finally, we have completely revamped sparks - the clandestine nanobots that agents use to infiltrate the minds of the robotic population of Nia. From now on sparks provide bonuses, and are interchangeable. In order to use them, though, you'll need to unlock them through an authorization process, which can mean a one-time NIC payment or reaching a certain relation level with a megacorporation. The first pack is already quite sizeable, varying in level, faction, specialization and price, but we will be releasing more in the future as well. Read more...


trial game

Everyone likes a free trial, but until now our newest users had to deal with quite a lot of restrictions during that period. Those were originally chalked up to protect our world, but we decided to lighten it up a bit. From now on, the only trial limitations that will remain are that you can't send money to other players (you can still receive), and that you can't create a corporation. All the other restrictions regarding market access, trading, chat, field containers and joining a corporation have been removed. To make the life of corporate spies a bit harder, you will be able to see whether an Agent is on a trial or not if you check their profile information.

Additionally, we have extended all active and previously finished trial and currently expired subscriber accounts with an extra 15 days of game time, so why don't you login and try all the new features?


The weird concept of "NPC eggs" has been floating around in random forum topics for a while now. We're not planning on introducing robot chickens (this may be sad news to some) but instead, the eggs - or distress beacons, as they are called - are a new feature that's intended for quick "on-demand" PvE battle.

distress beacon

So what are distress beacons? They are basically a secure communication device and a teleport node, which the alien factions are using to call in reinforcements. However, if you get your hands on one of these beacons, you can use them to your favor: upon activating these beacons, the alien forces will instantly teleport there, where you can ambush them if you are properly prepared. But beware: the possibility of high reward comes with great danger! Read more...



One of the most frequent complaints we get from new players regarding the graphics is the quality of robot animations...


The random nature of the times neither benefits defender, nor attacker - one’s ability to hold an outpost is largely luck...

The move to 3.0 shaders

As some of you might know Perpetuum currently is running completely on shader model 2.0 shaders...

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